Change Log

= 4.4.14 – 19.09.2023 =
* Fixed: Custom questions sorting.
* Fixed: Sub-event google calendar details.
* Fixed: Sub event description not showing.
* Fixed: Blank attendee list table passcode column value.
* Fixed: Attendee list ordering triggered fatal error.
* Fixed: Hidden radio/checkbox inputs with “Go” theme by GoDaddy

= 4.4.13 – 10.08.2023 =
* Added: Aditional html wrappers for the QR code attendees verification.
* Fixed: Attendees list undefined variable.
* Fixed: Issue with mu-plugins and trying to load js/css files from wrong location.
* Fixed: If no attendees columns are selected in options the attendees list is broken.
* Changed: Wording for scroll to top of form setting.
* Fixed: PHP Warning when “Show New Attendee Form First” and “Allow Open Registration” settings are used.
* Fixed: Attendee admin list was not displaying the check-in status.
* Fixed: Primary attendee option not saving in attendee editor.
* Added: Message if attendee is allready checked in when checking in by QR code.
* Fixed: Translation fix for form validation errors.
* Fixed: Attendee list pagination.
* Changed: Use wp_date instead of date_i18n
* Fixed: PHP 8.x warnings
* Fixed: Additional attendees does not work with captcha
* Fixed: SQ code not showing if attendee already checked in

= 4.4.12 – 09.05.2023 =
* Fixed: Wizard form extra closing div tag

= 4.4.11 – 08.05.2023 =
* Fixed: SQL line not retrieving other_question and other_question_text for Wizzard Form

= 4.4.10 – 05.12.2022 =
* Fixed: Properly closing div element on wizard forms
* Fixed: Class for YES response on wizard forms
* Fixed: Translations, text domain updates/fixes.

= 4.4.9 – 06.01.2022 =
* Fixed: Undefined function in js that affected the sub-events admin settings
* Fixed: SQL error that affected sub-events
* Changed: Changed plugin author and plugin headers
* Fixed: MySql v8 Compatibility

= 4.4.9 =
* Changed how we save event and reminder date in DB

= 4.4.8 – 02.08.2021 =
* Changed: UI Update
* Canged: Table list update
* Changed: Removed not needed files, update questions sorting, enqueued WordPress’ jQuery-UI
* Changed: RSVP Pro sub-menu to Events
* Fixed: Translations

Version 4.4.7 – 1/27/2020

  • Fixed the global attendee area so a passcode could be set.
  • Changed the date setting for rsvp datetime to use the WordPress function current_time so it handles timezones better.
  • Modified the rsvp date field in the admin attendee edit so it shows the RSVP time as well as the date.

Version 4.4.6 – 1/19/2020

  • Fixed an issue wherein the latest versions of MySql “grouping” is a reserved word that would make some queries not work anymore.

Version 4.4.5 – 1/18/2020

  • Changed the custom questions so that if the global attendee list is in use the global attendees will be displayed for “select” custom questions.
  • Fixed an issue when re-importing attendees it will lead to multiple answers for one custom question and association with other attendees.

Version 4.4.4 – 1/15/2020

  • Added the ability to show all attendees on the public attendee list page.

Version 4.4.3 – 1/9/2020

  • Fixed a problem when full name lookup is enabled and the first and last name pre-fills are used instead of the full name prefill.
  • Added the ability to have an “other” answer for checkbox and radio type custom questions.
  • Implemented the disable fuzzy and other search options for the full name search.

Version 4.4.2 – 12/20/2019

  • Modified the attendee information in the event export functionality so it included the custom questions.

Version 4.4.1 – 12/18/2019

  • Added the ability to include attendee information in the event export functionality.
  • Fixed a bug where if multiple RSVP forms where on the same page the “add attendee” button would only work on the first form.

Version 4.4.0 – 12/9/2019

  • Added the ability to have a QR code that auto-lookups an attendee in email messages and public attendee lists.

Version 4.3.9 – 11/18/2019

  • Fixed an issue where custom GDPR JavaScript messages were not being displayed correctly.

Version 4.3.8 – 11/15/2019

  • Modified the edit prompt to better handle the case of global attendees when they go to rsvp for other events.

Version 4.3.7 – 11/5/2019

  • Changed the message log so the send date is recording the date and time instead of just the date.
  • Added an alternate passcode field so attendees could have two different passcodes to RSVP.

Version 4.3.6 – 10/15/2019

  • Changed the rsvp date and change log fields to be date time instead of just date.

Version 4.3.5 – 10/7/2019

  • Changed the public attendee list search so it would search the whole name instead of the first and last name separately.

Version 4.3.4 – 10/6/2019

  • Added the ability to have only one name input field when looking up attendees.

Version 4.3.3 – 9/20/2019

  • Fixed a problem with the mass send when “No Response” is selected all attendees would be emailed.

Version 4.3.2 – 9/17/2019

  • Changed the event location option to use the WordPress editor to allow for multi-line and more rich information.
  • Modified the attendee sort order in the mass email to be sorted by last name and then first name.
  • Added in checks to see if the Psr\Log interfaces and classes existed and if so don’t try to declare them again.
  • Added the event start and end date timezones to the event copy functionality.
  • Added a select and deselect all attendees in the send message functionality.
  • Added “Maybe” as a possible status for Reminders.

Version 4.3.1 – 8/30/2019

  • Fixed an issue when the “no refresh” option is checked required fields were not being enforced.

Version 4.3.0 – 8/23/2019

  • Removed some debugging code I left in by accident.
  • Fixed an issue when viewing “all attendees” on events it would not display the correct RSVP status for global attendees.
  • Fixed an issue when exporting attendees if an associated attendee was a global attendee was exported in a grouping it would not always show the correct RSVP status.
  • Made it so when the button “export attendees” was clicked on the “all attendees” listing it actually worked.
  • Added “General Event Information” tags for messages.

Version 4.2.9 – 8/23/2019

  • Changed the default email body for RSVP notifications to be a little easier to read.
  • Changed the default admin RSVP notification to include the event name and name of attendee that is RSVP’ing.
  • Fixed an issue where if you RSVP’d for an associated global attendee the RSVP status would not be recorded.
  • Fixed a bug where when you tried to export attendees for a sub-event it was not retrieving the associated attendees correctly.
  • Added the ability to import custom question values for sub-events.

Version 4.2.8 – 8/15/2019

  • Fixed a bug where the mass email would not send properly for sub-events.
  • Fixed a bug where the salutations were not displaying correctly after being saved.
  • Fixed an issue on the wizard when an associated can RSVP for an event but the main attendee can’t the event title and event description was not displaying.

Version 4.2.7 – 8/14/2019

  • Fixed an issue created in 4.2.5 that made mass mailing and notifications not display the correct information to people.
  • Fixed an issue when doing a mass send for a sub-event or with a global attendee list and only sending out to “no response” attendees it would not send to everyone.
  • Made it so sub-events displayed google calendar links along with the main event.
  • Changed the behavior for the wizard form so that a sub-event will be displayed if the person RSVP’ing or the associated attendee has access. This makes it closer to the form that shows everything at once.
  • Fixed a bug where add additional doesn’t display correctly for wizard rsvp form by default.
  • Fixed a bug in the wizard where when you added an additional attendee the greeting would not be displayed.
  • Changed the event description to use the WordPress editor to allow for embedding images easier.
  • Added the ability to send a custom email response to attendees when they RSVP with a “maybe.”

Version 4.2.6 – 8/13/2019

  • Changed the one-step per-event to show the event description for each event under the title when the option “display event description” is checked.

Version 4.2.5 – 8/12/2019

  • Fixed the export attendee button on the public attendee list not always being clickable.
  • Changed the attendee email notification so that the calendar invite is not included when a person RSVPs with “no.”
  • Made the “RSVP For” text changed to have a placeholder to make it easier to modify the text and sub-event headings.
  • Added an integration with the WP HTML Mail plugin ( to make it easier to create more pretty RSVP emails.

Version 4.2.4 – 8/7/2019

  • Added attendee’s email address to the admin notification emails.
  • Fixed an issue when the global attendee list was enabled the associated attendees would not always save the RSVP response correctly.

Version 4.2.3 – 8/5/2019

  • Changed the import process so that additional attendees can be zero or greater previously zero was not allowed.
  • Fixed a problem when the “no reload” feature is checked the “add additional attendee” buttons did not work.

Version 4.2.2 – 8/1/2019

  • Changed the Gutenberg check so it would load correctly on version of WordPress that doesn’t have the Gutenberg plugin installed.
  • Fixed a problem where on a new event with no event dates it sometimes makes it so attendee’s aren’t found when they should be.
  • Changed it so when CAPTCHA validation fails it takes a user back to the RSVP form instead of going back to the beginning.

Version 4.2.1 – 7/17/2019

  • Fixed a problem where associated attendees were not properly found for global attendees.

Version 4.2.0 – 7/14/2019

  • Changed the global import process so you can grant permission to any event or sub-event if the access type is “select.”

Version 4.1.9 – 7/4/2019

  • Fixed a problem with the gutenberg blocks for selecting an event it was throwing an error when it should not be.

Version 4.1.8 – 7/4/2019

  • Added text options to change default messaging for the new front-end attendee specific event list.
  • Surfaced the ability to specify if you wanted to send the ICS file for sub-events instead of defaulting to sending it all of the time.
  • Fixed a problem with the notification on close functionality it was not including “Yes, Plus One” attendees and only people who had RSVP’d with “Yes.”
  • Added the ability to insert the attendee event list via the Editor insert button and also as a Gutenberg block.

Version 4.1.7 – 7/1/2019

  • Added the short code rsvp-pro-attendee-events which allows an attendee to look themselves up via email address and RSVP.

Version 4.1.6 – 6/30/2019

  • Fixed a problem where the note field would show up even if you didn’t have access to the main event.
  • Made a change so it was possible to choose “select” event permissions for any event not just ones that had sub-events.
  • Fixed a problem where when you go to update a global attendee from an event it reassociates it to the event.
  • Modified the front-end attendee search so that an attendee would not be found if it didn’t have access to the event.
  • Added the ability for global attendees to specify additional attendees for other top-level events.
  • Added the ability during import for global attendees to get access to “select” top-level events.
  • Added the ability during import for global attendees to specify how many additional attendees they can have on other top-level events.

Version 4.1.5 – 6/8/2019

  • Fixed an issue with the JavaScript validation not displaying messages correctly.

Version 4.1.4 – 5/27/2019

  • Changed the attendee table setup to try and go to utf8mb4_unicode_520_ci to handle emojis but fall back to utf-8 if it isn’t allowed by the database.

Version 4.1.3 – 5/26/2019

  • Added CSS class (rsvpMainAttendeeEmailContainer) for the main attendee’s email address area.
  • Added the ability to customize the people being emailed from the mass email screen.
  • Added a numeric custom question type and also a short code – rsvp-pro-numeric-total to show the totals from the numeric custom questions.
  • By default now the “add additional guests” will only be shown when someone RSVPs with a yes or maybe.
  • Added an option to always show “add additional guests” to override the new default behavior.

Version 4.1.2 – 5/16/2019

  • Added a global option to specify the number of attendees to show per-page on the admin attendee list.
  • Added the ability to sort by custom question on the admin attendee list area.
  • Changed collation on the note field in the attendee database table so it can now handle emojis.
  • Added CSS classes around the main attendee’s first (rsvpMainAttendeeFirstNameContainer) and last (rsvpMainAttendeeLastNameContainer) name input fields to make it easier for styling.

Version 4.1.1 – 5/8/2019

  • Fixed a problem when you tried to edit an attendee in a sub-event would throw an error making the admin edit attendee form not work.

Version 4.1.0 – 5/7/2019

  • Added the ability to modify the RSVP date via the admin attendee edit form.
  • Added an option to display a user’s WordPress profile picture on the attendee list.
  • Added an option to display a user’s WordPress profile picture next to the greeting for a user when they RSVP.

Version 4.0.9 – 4/23/2019

  • Resolved an issue where extra white space was being added to textareas in the front-end text settings area.

Version 4.0.8 – 4/14/2019

  • Modified the loading of jQuery-UI CSS to only load for RSVP Pro admin pages.

Version 4.0.7 – 4/7/2019

  • Fixed an issue with the “no refresh” feature turned on the CAPTCHAs would not be displayed
  • Changed the sort order saving for custom questions in the admin area to be saved automatically via AJAX

Version 4.0.6 – 3/31/2019

  • Changed the attendee import functionality to use Spout which is a more up to date Excel and CSV reader
  • Added a file custom question type
  • Cleaned up the HTML so that it is more consistent across form field elements and also with additional attendees vs. normal attendees.

Version 4.0.5 – 3/18/2019

  • Fixed a bug with the calendar invite description not displaying correctly when there are multiple lines.
  • On the one step per-event forms the additional attendee button was moved to the bottom to match how the other form worked.

Version 4.0.4 – 3/5/2019

  • Fixed a bug where associated attendees of associated attendees would show up on the RSVP form but would not have that information saved when they RSVP’d.

Version 4.0.3 – 3/4/2019

  • For custom questions HTML tags are now stripped when the custom question is displayed in the export and in the search filter selector
  • Updated the updater class to the newest version

Version 4.0.2 – 2/26/2019

  • Fixed a problem where the custom question sorting was no longer working in the admin area.

Version 4.0.1 – 2/23/2019

  • Refactored the admin form for editing attendees to allow for shared reuse with a new extension.
  • Added the ability to specify a form URL this will allow people to show the first step of the RSVP form in a different location and then be sent to the main RSVP page.

Version 4.0.0 – 2/20/2019

  • Added a datepicker custom question type
  • Fixed a problem when the “no refresh” option is selected and there are multiple RSVP forms on one page/post it did not work correctly, it now does.
  • Changed the default RSVP responses in the case “yes” is selected and a waitlist state is hit then the “waitlist” is selected

Version 3.9.9 – 2/18/2019

  • Added the ability for the notification email when a user goes from waitlist to yes can use variables.
  • Added the ability for a custom admin email notification email body.
  • Added a filter (rsvp_pro_get_event_url) when getting the event URL.

Version 3.9.8 – 2/11/2019

  • Fixed a small bug with the new calendar link filters. By defaulting it was returning an array leading to “array” being displayed on the thank you page.

Version 3.9.7 – 2/10/2019

  • Fixed a small issue where the query args where not being constructed correctly for the prefill URL template tag.
  • Fixed a few small notices that made in the edit attendee screen that caused certain buttons to not work.

Version 3.9.6 – 2/6/2019

  • Added a filter (rsvp_pro_thank_you_calendar_text) for the calendar links output

Version 3.9.5 – 2/4/2019

  • Fixed a bug where the HTML IDs were not being outputted and just $id was being displayed.
  • Made it so the “Need to Modify” link works with the “no refresh” option

Version 3.9.4 – 2/3/2019

  • Added the ability to show the new attendee form first instead of the attendee form search.
  • Added the ability to specify a short “Waitlist” label insead of pulling the waitlist question that was asked to attendees.

Version 3.9.3 – 1/30/2019

  • Fixed a bug from the refactoring in the attendee saving area that would not allow new attendees to be saved

Version 3.9.2 – 1/29/2019

  • Fixed a bug where the passcode kept changing after each RSVP.
  • Added the ability to import a large number of answers for custom questions.

Version 3.9.1 – 1/27/2019

  • Fixed a bug where the text option “Message displayed when a user has already RSVP’d” was not properly removing escaped slashes.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing custom questions to not toggle correctly when an RSVP status was selected with the “no refresh” option.

Version 3.9.0 – 1/27/2019

  • Made a change so that when using the “no refresh” option the thank and no-thank you redirects work as expected.

Version 3.8.9 – 1/21/2019

  • Refactored the admin and front-end attendee saving functionality to use the new RSVP Attendee classes
  • Added the ability to auto RSVP via the prefilled URL, there is now a querystring parameter of autoRsvp
  • Fixed a bug where the unique email JavaScript validation message would not correctly appear

Version 3.8.8 – 1/12/2019

  • Moved the licensing to be under the “RSVP Pro” admin menu
  • Changed the licensing not being active to show across the admin instead of just on the event list
  • Added in actions in the licensing area to allow for integration of the front-end management plugin
  • Created Attendee classes and moved some of the admin attendee management code to use the classes
  • Made it so read-only questions and their answers appear on the same line instead of on two separate lines
  • Made it so the note field can be displayed on the public attendee list
  • Added the ability to use the RSVP form without requiring a whole page refresh (aka make it work over AJAX)

Version 3.8.7 – 11/12/2018

  • Small bug fixes related to inline attachments
  • Fixed a warning in the util functions related to the sending mail function when no attachments were being sent.
  • Redid the import process so that it is easier to use and more flexible in the format that it accepts.
  • Changed the default “yes” and “no” RSVP questions to be more generic.

Version 3.8.6 – 10/16/2018

  • Made it so the QR codes will only show once in the email for each event.

Version 3.8.5 – 10/9/2018

  • Added the QR code tag for emails to allow for checking in via a QR code
  • Changed the public attendee list that if WP integration is enabled the avatar is shown

Version 3.8.4 – 10/6/2018

  • Added in some filters to allow for more integration with the front-end management plugin.

Version 3.8.3 – 10/1/2018

  • Fixed a bug where the RSVP Pro plugin was causing JavaScript errors in the WordPress admin customizer.

Version 3.8.2 – 9/30/2018

  • Added WPML and Polylang integration for all of the front-end form text options.
  • Updated the updater script and also disabled SSL verification so it should work on more server configurations now.
  • Set the execution time limit for sending of mass emails to unlimited as in some configurations it would time out.

Version 3.8.1 – 9/26/2018

  • Changed the default sort order for the public attendee list to be sorted by last name and then first name.
  • Fixed a bug where recurring event information was not saving in the admin settings area.
  • Added a div container around the attendee list table.
  • Made the attendee list table work better for smaller screens.

Version 3.8.0 – 9/21/2018

  • Fixed an issue with dynamic strings not translating on the attendee list.

Version 3.7.9 – 9/16/2018

  • Added the ability to add a CAPTCHA on the RSVP form
  • Added the ability to specify the number of attendees per-page on the public attendee list
  • Fixed a bug in the import where detection for same names of attendees and group IDs was not associating with the correct people

Version 3.7.8 – 9/12/2018

  • Fixed a problem with the URL parsing to figure out where RSVP forms should be posted

Version 3.7.7 – 9/12/2018

  • Added the ability to sort the attendee list by clicking on the column headers
  • Added an option to export attendees from the public attendee list
  • Modified the front-end so that when an event hits max capacity the welcome text is not displayed
  • Added the ability to add some text underneath the main RSVP question
  • Added an option to make email addresses be unique on the front-end

Version 3.7.6 – 9/11/2018

  • Added the option to enforce unique passcodes for event attendees

Version 3.7.5 – 9/7/2018

  • Added gutenberg blocks for the main shortcode’s for the RSVP Pro plugin
  • Moved the capacity reached and waitlist messages to the top of the RSVP form so they can be more easily seen. Also added HTML element IDs and CSS classes to make it easier to style
  • Hid the “Yes” RSVP response when the waitlist is enabled
  • Added the ability to specify a custom GDPR required text and made it translatable
  • Changed it so you can’t edit the salutation or suffix if the option to make the first and last name editable isn’t selected

Version 3.7.4 – 9/7/2018

  • Did a replace of smart/stylized single quotes when importing or adding an attendee. This is to handle the case where another program replaces the smart-quote and attendees try to find themselves but they can’t because of the smart-quote

Version 3.7.3 – 7/26/2018

  • Made it so that export columns would save the custom question selections when you copy an event.

Version 3.7.2 – 7/25/2018

  • Fixed a small bug with the functionality to save export columns it would only save the column information till the next time settings where edited.

Version 3.7.1 – 7/25/2018

  • Modified the copy event functionality to update the custom question variables to match the new custom question IDs
  • Save the selected export columns for an event so the next time you come back to export an event it will remember what was selected
  • Fixed an issue with the change log where it would not save multiple choice custom questions correctly and throw a warning

Version 3.7.0 – 7/24/2018

  • Fixed an issue with translations for polylang not working on multi-sites that were not set to a site language of English

Version 3.6.9 – 7/21/2018

  • Fixed an issue with the email template tags to allow for multiple associated attendee and sub-event tags in the same email message
  • Updated the date settings example string to match the input fields and also to be a little clearer
  • Added the options to hide the welcome text and the main RSVP question

Version 3.6.8 – 7/17/2018

  • Added the function rsvp_pro_retrieve_open_events() which is used for easily retrieving open events and then using them in a theme or other plugin
  • Fixed an issue with the add additional attendee button that would alert you that you had hit your limit when the pro and free plugin where running on the same site

Version 3.6.7 – 7/10/2018

  • Added an option to display a GDPR consent question at the bottom of the RSVP form

Version 3.6.6 – 7/8/2018

  • Made it so the first and last name is required when adding an attendee which matches with the other attendee area forms.
  • Fixed a problem where if the RSVP Pro plugin was installed alongside woocommerce translations would stop working
  • Fixed small spacing issues in the add attendee form

Version 3.6.5 – 7/5/2018

  • Removed extra paragraph tags around form field labels so that each form input area was consistent

Version 3.6.4 – 7/4/2018

  • Added the ability to specify a “thank you” or “no thank you” page to redirect to

Version 3.6.3 – 6/27/2018

  • Fixed an issue where when you copy custom questions not all of the flags were getting copied over

Version 3.6.2 – 5/25/2018

  • Fixed an issue with the data exporter not working correctly
  • Fixed an issue with permalinks and the form action. The frontend form would stop working when the permalink structure was “plain”

Version 3.6.1 – 5/25/2018

  • Added in functions to support the WordPress 4.9.6 personal data eraser
  • Added in functions to support the WordPress 4.9.6 personal data exporter
  • Added in a function for handling the addition of RSVP Pro specific privacy policy information for a site

Version 3.6.0 – 5/18/2018

  • Fixed an issue where a global attendee would get prompted to edit their RSVP even if they had not RSVP’d for that specific event
  • Fixed an issue when sending mass emails where a selected status would not properly filter global attendees

Version 3.5.9 – 5/13/2018

  • Changed how the URL was figured out for the form action. Used standard WordPress APIs instead of relying on the $_SERVER global variable which was causing problems in certain hosting configurations.
  • Email address was not showing in the attendee list even if it was selected. This was fixed.
  • Changed how the “plus one” feature worked to make it work like another RSVP status
  • Added the ability to attach files to the “send message” functionality

Version 3.5.8 – 5/9/2018

  • Fixed a bug where the attendee list when “all attendees” is selected would not be shown

Version 3.5.7 – 5/9/2018

  • Checked to see if switch_locale existed so the plugin worked with older versions of WordPress. If switch_locale doesn’t exist (WordPress installs older than 4.7) using WPML or PolyLang will be impacted.

Version 3.5.6 – 5/8/2018

  • Added a missing space for the new attendee thank you screen

Version 3.5.5 – 5/6/2018

  • Fixed a bug when saving event start and end dates it was not saving in the correct timezone
  • Fixed timezone related issues with the calendar invites. It was not showing times in UTC which causes problems with timezone displays on clients
  • Added a timezone field for the event start and end dates to help display the times correctly in the case the event is not in the main blog’s timezone
  • When copying an event and the copy attendees option is checked custom question answers are now copied over.
  • Changed the JavaScript validation messages so they display above the label for the form entry. This just makes the presentation a little cleaner.

Version 3.5.4 – 4/15/2018

  • Added the ability to select which columns are displayed on the admin attendee list screen

Version 3.5.3 – 4/14/2018

  • Added the ability to select all attendees for custom questions and event privacy settings
  • Changed the import text related to select attendee custom question associated to be closer to what a person sees in the custom question form
  • Made it so the custom questions required text could be customized per-question

Version 3.5.2 – 4/8/2018

  • Fixed an issue where the send message would not send if the email from was in the format of “<EMAIL_ADDRESS>”
  • Added in the ability to log messages and view previously sent messages

Version 3.5.1 – 3/29/2018

  • Added the ability to add a +1 additional attendee this is to make it easier to add a +1 when attendee names don’t need to be known

Version 3.5.0 – 3/26/2018

  • Fixed an issue with the copy event change released in 3.4.9. It would cause errors in older versions of PHP

Version 3.4.9 – 3/26/2018

  • Fixed a problem when copying an event the selected custom questions for the public attendee list wouldn’t copy over
  • Added a change log page for each event along with the ability to export the change log
  • Added the ability to select what fields are exported

Version 3.4.8 – 3/17/2018

  • Got custom questions and dynamic text for email notifications to work with PolyLang and WPML
  • Added an option to remove the edit prompt for returning attendees
  • Added a timepicker for rsvp start and close date fields

Version 3.4.7 – 3/16/2018

  • Fixed a problem when copying an event and an attendee has no value in the additional attendees field the copied event would set the additional attendees field to zero.

Version 3.4.6 – 3/10/2018

  • Added a div container around the attendee list with a CSS class of rsvp_pro_attendee_list_container.

Version 3.4.5 – 3/8/2018

  • Set the admin datepicker date format to a static date format to prevent cases where the WordPress date format is not an allowed date format for the JavaScript library. This will not change how the date is displayed on the front-end and in other areas of the plugin.
  • Added the public event listing CSS classes to the TH elements as well as the TD elements

Version 3.4.4 – 3/7/2018

  • Performance increases for string translations.

Version 3.4.3 – 3/6/2018

  • Created the ability to enable a change log for attendees. Changes for each attendee are shown in the attendee specific page if the option is enabled

Version 3.4.2 – 3/5/2018

  • Added a global JavaScript variable rsvp_pro_max_guests that can be used for custom JavaScript to clikc the “add additional” guests the correct number of times
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing notifications from sending out because of the shared attendee list change

Version 3.4.1 – 3/3/2018

  • Changed it so when last names are not required that is also reflected for additional attendees added on the front-end
  • Added an option to be able to specify the admin notification email subject

Version 3.4.0 – 2/26/2018

  • Fixed a bug with the global attendee list that was saving non-global attendees like global attendees

Version 3.3.9 – 2/24/2018

  • Fixed a bug introduced with the global attendee list for public attendee lists. Instead of using WP prefixes for the table name we were using the static default “wp_” which could cause problems in different systems

Version 3.3.8 – 2/23/2018

  • Added an index to speed up searches on public attendee lists when custom questions are being displayed on the public attendee list
  • Removed surrounding whitespace for names when doing a search
  • Moved the CDN javascript files to be locally hosted on the plugin to help speed up page loads in certain cases
  • Added the ability to have a global shared attendee list that can be used across all events
  • Fixed an issue with the dashboard widget not displaying “no response” correctly for private “select” sub-events
  • Changed it so when the “last name not required” option is checked it is not required on the RSVP forms any more as well

Version 3.3.7 – 1/12/2018

  • Removed extra colons for the first name, last name, email and passcode fields in the returning attendee form so it is consistent with other areas of the plugin
  • Added the general RSVP option to automatically create a public attendee list if it doesn’t exist for a top-level event
  • Added the general option to disable comments on automatically created items

Version 3.3.6 – 1/7/2018

  • Modified the dashboard widget so it linked the event name to the attendee list
  • Integrated translation strings with Polylang to make it easier to translate for additional languages
  • Added the ability to hide the “find attendees” form initially and have a button be used to display it. Allowing for a cleaner interface but requiring more clicks
  • Added the ability to set the sort order for the public attendee list to be the RSVP date

Version 3.3.5 – 12/10/2017

  • Surfaced the “new attendee” button on the fuzzy search if open registration is enabled
  • Changed the admin and read only custom question type to be displayed as a textarea instead of a small text input box
  • Changed the settings workflow so that it would take you back to the settings page when saving instead of the event list
  • Added an RSVP Pro event dashboard widget
  • Changed the admin settings area so you can go through all the settings without having to save on each tab
  • Made a change to the custom questions that even if the question was private but is supposed to show for new or additional questions it would be displayed

Version 3.3.4 – 11/29/2017

  • Added in the following filters to allow for customizing associated attendees RSVP responses: rsvp_yes_associated, rsvp_no_associated, rsvp_maybe_associated, rsvp_no_response_associated and rsvp_waitlist_associated
  • If check-ins are enabled on the public attendee list and show total RSVP yes/no counts then the total check-in count will be shown as well

Version 3.3.3 – 11/24/2017

  • Fixed some more issues related to the import when dealing with collations like utf8_bin

Version 3.3.2 – 11/19/2017

  • Made some changes to the import so it would work correctly when the database collation makes enum field types case sensitive
  • When the open registration is allowed and a fuzzy search returns multiple attendees that is not the correct person the “new attendee” button is also now displayed

Version 3.3.1 – 11/11/2017

  • Made a change to when a new attendee registers and email fields are hidden and email lookup is required. Now a new attendee has to enter in an email

Version 3.3.0 – 11/10/2017

  • Changed the option “For open registrations prompt to add a user if not found in user search” so the “new attendee” would show up on its own when the user search fails
  • Added the ability to reset all attendees statuses for a specific event
  • Made sure the copy event functionality moved all the fields

Version 3.2.9 – 10/22/2017

  • Added an additional link to add the event to the Google calendar when the option to show the calendar link on the thank you page

Version 3.2.8 – 10/14/2017

  • Added the ability to modify the passcode when someone RSVPs
  • Added in a filter hook “rsvp_pro_edit_prompt_no_onclick” to change the behavior when an attendee says “No” to editing their RSVP

Version 3.2.7 – 10/7/2017

  • Fixed an issue with translations not loading correctly

Version 3.2.6 – 10/5/2017

  • Fixed an issue with the import process to make sure questions exist when a value is imported
  • Added pagination to the public attendee list
  • Added the ability to specify that a custom question should only be showed for associated attendees and not the primary attendee

Version 3.2.5 – 10/2/2017

  • Changed some columns for the public attendee list so it makes a bit more sense.

Version 3.2.4 – 9/26/2017

  • Added in a missing attribute for the public attendee list so the change status functionality can be toggled

Version 3.2.3 – 9/26/2017

  • Removed boolval check for show_email attribute on public attendee list as some servers don’t support that function

Version 3.2.2 – 9/26/2017

  • Created a better fix when there are multiple answers for custom questions on the public attendee list area
  • Changed the attendee list summary to be displayed at the top and bottom
  • Added the ability to see associated attendees on the pubic attendee list

Version 3.2.1 – 9/25/2017

  • Sigh, found another corner case with question displays being incorrect

Version 3.2.0 – 9/25/2017

  • Fixed a bug with the 3.1.9 release which made it so custom questions were not being displayed on the attendee list

Version 3.1.9 – 9/25/2017

  • Fixed a bug where if the custom questions had multiple answers for some reason it would cause a layout issue

Version 3.1.8 – 9/24/2017

  • Fixed a problem when the default RSVP question was yes and an additional attendee is added
  • Added the ability to specify the text for the attendee list when multiple matches are found
  • Added column CSS classes for each field in the attendee list to give better control when styling

Version 3.1.7 – 9/19/2017

  • Reverted the “fix” for the layout issue with the attendee list that was released in 3.1.5

Version 3.1.6 – 9/19/2017

  • Made it so you can enter in admin-only custom questions on the add attendee form

Version 3.1.5 – 9/17/2017

  • Fixed a layout issue with the attendee list and how it was returning the shortcode
  • Fixed a bug for saving attendee list filters and then displaying the attendee list, in some cases it would return a SQL error

Version 3.1.4 – 9/13/2017

  • Changed the “edit prompt” text to have the first and last name as different placeholders

Version 3.1.3 – 9/6/2017

  • Modified the event list so that if you have no events it gives you an easier way to add events
  • Added an “Add Event” button to the event list page to make it easier to add events
  • Changed the export functionality to group associated attendees together

Version 3.1.2 – 8/20/2017

  • Added new CSS classes for custom questions. The new CSS classes are different for each custom question type to help with designing

Version 3.1.1 – 8/12/2017

  • Made it so the calendar links are displayed for new attendees who register
  • Added options to change the text for the new attendees confirmation screen
  • Added in filters so that the mail from and mail from name should be displayed correctly in more WP configurations

Version 3.1.0 – 8/4/2017

  • Changed the required email option to validate that the input was in an acceptable email format
  • Updated the plugin updater class, it now verifies SSL certificates

Version 3.0.9 – 7/12/2017

  • Moved the “Maybe” question to be between “Yes” and “No” as it was a more logical placement
  • Made it so “Maybe” was an option for the RSVP status field in the admin area attendee form
  • Added “Maybe” total count in the attendee list grid

Version 3.0.8 – 7/11/2017

  • Added an option to send different email text to attendees if they RSVP with a “no”

Version 3.0.7 – 7/10/2017

  • Changed it so even if the primary attendee flag is set you are still shown multiple matches.

Version 3.0.6 – 7/2/2017

  • Added an option to only allow people to RSVP once and not go back and edit the option even on a set attendee list event

Version 3.0.5 – 6/17/2017

  • Added the ability for associated attendees to be emailed individually instead of CC’d

Version 3.0.4 – 6/11/2017

  • Fixed an issue where the note field is displayed without escaping causing a persistent XSS, found by Steven Lowson

Version 3.0.3 – 6/6/2017

  • Made it so first and last names are required on RSVPs when names are editable

Version 3.0.2 – 5/31/2017

  • Fixed an issue with the associated attendees tag used for emails not working with sub-events.

Version 3.0.1 – 5/29/2017

  • Noticed that some debugging code made it into production. This would only affect people who are trying to send messages from the admin area

Version 3.0.0 – 5/25/2017

  • Changed the export format to have associated attendees be comma-delimited so it is the same as the import file format
  • Added the ability to hide the open registration buttons on initial display. If the attendee is not found then the new attendee button will show

Version 2.9.9 – 4/20/2017

  • Added the ability to select “maybe” for RSVP status conditional custom questions

Version 2.9.8 – 4/5/2017

  • Surfaced the “send message” link for sub-events
  • Specified that the radio buttons inside of the rsvp plugin should have an CSS style appearance of “radio” to protect against themes that set it to “none”
  • Added an option to show RSVP yes/no status count to the end of the public attendee list

Version 2.9.7 – 4/3/2017

  • Fixed an issue where event names were not being properly de-slashed on the public attendee list
  • Fixed an issue where the calendar invites where not displaying the correct time for the event
  • Added sub-event calendar invites to the email confirmations if that option is enabled for the main event
  • Fixed an issue when adding multiple new attendees at once and then removing some in the middle caused data to be lost

Version 2.9.6 – 3/24/2017

  • Small change to the widget init functionality to not use a closure so older versions of PHP would work

Version 2.9.5 – 3/18/2017

  • Updated the updater class
  • Fixed a bug where the required custom questions would often not be required when submitting the issue

Version 2.9.4 – 3/7/2017

  • Fixed some issues around “NoResponse” and having a default RSVP value for the main RSVP. It would default to “No” when “NoResponse” should be returned
  • Fixed a bug where the private custom questions where no longer showing the attendees to select to give permission

Version 2.9.3 – 3/6/2017

  • Fixed a typo in the JavaScript alert that is displayed when the additional attendee limit is hit

Version 2.9.2 – 3/4/2017

  • Made a change to load the JavaScript validation messages via Ajax if they were not defined

Version 2.9.1 – 3/4/2017

  • Made a change to the nonce class to avoid conflicts

Version 2.9.0 – 3/4/2017

  • Added the ability to set the email JavaScript validation message from the admin area as well

Version 2.8.9 – 3/2/2017

  • Added the ability to change the first name, last name and custom note JavaScript validation messages from the admin area

Version 2.8.8 – 2/28/2017

  • Fixed a bug where the send on date was not saving for reminders

Version 2.8.7 – 2/26/2017

  • Fixed an issue when the time to start is entered in military time the PHP date/time parser throws an exception

Version 2.8.6 – 2/24/2017

  • Added the ability to automatically create a “post” for any post_type instead of just a page
  • Added a widget that will show all of the events that are still open
  • Added datepicker to the rsvp open and close dates, and the repeat start / end dates

Version 2.8.5 – 2/23/2017

  • Moved the RSVP question to be above all of the personal information on the original form

Version 2.8.4 – 2/21/2017

  • Added the ability to hide the RSVP question for each event and sub-event
  • Added the ability to specify a default RSVP response for each event and sub-event
  • Moved the salutation to be above the first name in the main form
  • Moved the suffix to be right after the last name in the form
  • Changed the “Welcome back” to “Welcome” text and to have placeholders for the first and last name so the whole phrase could be controlled. This text is now displayed when someone comes back and when they first RSVP
  • Fixed a bug where if you had selected to include the ICS in the email and then deselected it, the ICS file would still be included

Version 2.8.3 – 2/17/2017

  • Made it so when adding a new attendee from the admin area you can enter in the custom question answers
  • Fixed an issue that the event list shortcode displays correctly with surrounding content
  • Added the ability to set a groupID in the import to allow for people with the same name but in different groups

Version 2.8.2 – 2/14/2017

  • Fixed an issue where tertiary associated attendees would be displayed but the RSVP status would not be saved

Version 2.8.1 – 2/12/2017

  • Changed the validation to require a first and last name when RSVP’ing on the server-side as well as through JavaScript
  • Fixed a bug on the “all attendees” screen in the admin area when you click “clear search” it would take you to the attendee list for the specific event

Version 2.8.0 – 2/7/2017

  • Fixed an issue where the “all attendees” screen would show the incorrect attendee count if the parent event was a “select” event
  • Added the ability to use email for looking up the attendee via the pre-fill URL, if the email look-up option is enabled
  • Added the ability to auto-fill the RSVP status for the main RSVP
  • Changed the RSVP status filter for the public attendee list to allow for multiple RSVP statuses

Version 2.7.9 – 2/2/2017

  • Fixed pagination for sub-events attendee list area
  • Fixed an issue where when you look at “all attendees” in the admin area and you searched or sorted the columns it would not show all attendees
  • Fixed an issue with the first front-end form that would have an extra closing div tag if open registration was NOT enabled

Version 2.7.8 – 1/25/2017

  • Made it so if hide_edit_form was passed in and new attendees are allowed and that part of the form wasn’t hidden we would just send you automatically to create a new attendee

Version 2.7.7 – 1/25/2017

  • Fixed an issue with the all attendees search redirecting to a specific event search
  • Fixed an issue where slashes were being displayed for sub-events

Version 2.7.6 – 1/24/2017

  • Moved the “how about it” question so that if a person does not have access to the event the question is not asked
  • Added the ability to show “Maybe” as an RSVP response
  • Fixed a bug where when adding an additional attendee for a new attendee the additional attendee would not be added
  • Added two new attributes for the rsvp short code: hide_edit_form and hide_new_form acceptable values are true or false. This will hide or display the corresponding areas of the first screen that is displayed

Version 2.7.5 – 1/19/2017

  • Fixed a bug where the license check was validating SSL which in certain hosting setups caused some issues with the license check failing

Version 2.7.4 – 1/18/2017

  • Fixed a bug when a name with an apostrophe is not found or a similar match is found an additional slash is added
  • Fixed a bug when the option “do partial match on attendee’s first and last name” and trying to do a partial match with an apostrophe name

Version 2.7.2 – 1/14/2017

  • Made the attendee search and attendee grid work better with really long custom questions. The custom question will now only show the first 50 characters
  • Made the public attendee list table to have a layout of fixed so the columns will all be the same width
  • Added the ability to specify if a custom question should show or not depending on the RSVP answer

Version 2.7.1 – 1/4/2017

  • Changed the event description to show on every page if the option is enabled

Version 2.7.0 – 1/2/2017

  • Changed the event description to always show at the top of the event tag, except on the confirmation pages
  • Added the CSS class rsvpCustomQuestion for help with styling custom questions
  • Fixed an issue where the default number of additional guests was greater than zero and then when you set a specific attendee to zero it was not setting the correct “additional attendee” count
  • Changed the default text on the first step from “Complete your RSVP!” to “Find me!”

Version 2.6.9 – 12/18/2016

  • Added a label above associating attendees in the edit form to make it more clear
  • Added a “back to custom question” link on the the custom question edit screen
  • Changed the custom question permission level to “everyone” and “select people” to make it more clear
  • Added a “back to attendee list” link on the attendee edit screen
  • Added labels to the select columns in the admin options area

Version 2.6.8 – 12/17/2016

  • Made it so the “no” confirmation message has the same mark-up as the “yes” confirmation message
  • Added a form button in the editor screen to make it easier to insert in the RSVP Pro shortcodes
  • Changed the attendee form to show the event description when users were automatically sent to it
  • Added the RSVP date to the attendee details page
  • Modified the mass email screen to show the attendees you will be emailing
  • Added the ability to show email address on the public attendee list
  • Fixed an issue with the export functionality not exporting options correctly
  • For the admin attendee edit area fixed a problem with characters not being displayed correctly depending on PHP version and browser because of using an old encoding function

Version 2.6.7 – 12/17/2016

  • Added the CSS class rsvpButton to all HTML button elements

Version 2.6.6 – 11/30/2016

  • Added in div containers for the first step of the front-end forms to allow for easier styling
  • Made the HTML surrounding “the not found” custom text to be the same as the default text
  • Made the HTML surrounding custom thank you to be the same as the default thank you
  • Added a documentation link to the plugin meta link list

Version 2.6.5 – 11/23/2016

  • Fixed an issue where the ICS download was not being sent down with a file name
  • Changed the attendee list in the admin area to use the WordPress date format setting
  • Added event close date/time and location to the public-facing event list

Version 2.6.4 – 11/14/2016

  • Modified the Nonce class so it did not use array short hand as not all PHP systems have that enabled

Version 2.6.3 – 11/13/2016

  • Added the ability to replace the attendee confirmation email with custom content
  • Added the option to include the calendar invite as an attachment in attendee emails

Version 2.6.2 – 11/6/2016

  • Fixed a problem with pagination selection not working in the admin attendee list when no sort-by was selected
  • Changed the front-end form to use a real NONCE (aka only used once) to help prevent duplicate submissions
  • Made a change to the recurring process so that it would properly send attendee lists for each recurrence

Version 2.6.1 – 10/31/2016

  • Added the ability to search attendees on the public attendee list
  • Added the ability to check-in attendees both via the public attendee list and from the admin area

Version 2.6.0 – 10/20/2016

  • Added the ability for the public attendee list to be sorted by custom questions
  • Added the ability to auto-enroll WordPress users if auto-login is enabled and the user is in a specified WordPress role
  • Added the ability to change the text “hi” through out the front-end
  • Added two new CSS classes rsvpMainRsvpQuestionContainer and rsvpSubmitContainer

Version 2.5.9 – 10/13/2016

  • Fixed an issue with automatic attendee sending not working for reoccurring events after the first occurrence
  • Changed the import to require either a first OR last name but not both
  • Added an option to make the first and last name editable on the front-end

Version 2.5.8 – 10/11/2016

  • Fixed a bug with the last name not required search functionality on the front-end
  • Fixed a bug where the “send on” field in the reminders area would default to 1/1/1970 when nothing was entered

Version 2.5.7 – 10/11/2016

  • Fixed an issue that was causing the reminders not to send
  • Added the ability to export and import events

Version 2.5.6 – 10/6/2016

  • Added in a fix related to Windows and the tables being of a different case causing string comparisons to fail
  • Fixed the database install scripts to worked with Windows at making the checks case-insensitive
  • Added edit attendee again link to the attendee edit confirmation screen
  • Fixed an issue with the nesting of searches and pagination not working together

Version 2.5.5 – 9/27/2016

  • Fixed an issue with the required custom question check not working for questions that were not text input boxes
  • Added the following filters for email notifications: rsvp_pro_admin_notify_attachments, rsvp_pro_admin_notify_subject, rsvp_pro_admin_notify_body, rsvp_pro_admin_notify_headers, rsvp_pro_attendee_email_attachments, rsvp_pro_attendee_email_subject, rsvp_pro_attendee_email_body, rsvp_pro_attendee_email_headers

Version 2.5.4 – 9/24/2016

  • When the from address is specified for emails it will now be used for the Reply-to and Return-Path header as well
  • Modified the admin attendee search so that the RSVP status is a drop-down instead of free-form text allowing for more precise searches
  • Display the attendee count on the attendee management page in the admin area, the count will vary depending on search results

Version 2.5.3 – 9/20/2016

  • Increased the size of the suffix field to 150 characters
  • Changed the public event list so that it was sorted by close date and then event start date
  • Changed the public event list so that it would only show open events

Version 2.5.2 – 9/20/2016

  • Fixed some more notices
  • Fixed some issues around the database install to make sure it works correctly
  • Fixed an error when deleting events there was an incorrect SQL statement for deleting attendee sub-events
  • Made it so the uninstall works correctly

Version 2.5.1 – 9/19/2016

  • Made it so the attendee search in the admin area could have nested searches
  • Added the CSS class rsvpSubmit to all form submit buttons on the front-end
  • Made it so admin and read only custom questions could be sent in emails
  • Made it possible to only print out the question or the answer for a given custom question in emails
  • Changed how text encoding conversion was happening on import and export to make sure the needed functions exists in PHP
  • Added an “email attendee” button at the bottom of the attendee edit page to make it easy to email an attendee right from that page

Version 2.5.0 – 9/15/2016

  • Query error with the custom questions in the attendee list
  • Fixing of notices

Version 2.4.9 – 9/15/2016

  • Forgot to set the custom question sort order for each attendee answer on the attendee list, fixed that
  • Timezone fixes around the open and close date

Version 2.4.8 – 9/14/2016

  • Made it so the admin attendee search actually worked with custom questions
  • Added in an option to automatically add the public attendee list to the automatically created page
  • Added the event start time to the public event list
  • Fixed an issue when a custom greeting was set AND the show event information, the event information would not be displayed
  • On the public attendee list if custom questions are set to be displayed the sort order is now used
  • Changed the humanized response function to use the yes/no/no response/waitlist verbiage specified in the main event text settings

Version 2.4.7 – 9/13/2016

  • Fixed an error with unresolved variable (rsvpId) in the file
  • Added the ability to select fields to search on in the manage attendees admin interface
  • Updated the updater used for updating the plug-in
  • Fixed an issue where the public attendee list sort order was not saving

Version 2.4.6 – 9/8/2016

  • Fixed an issue with the automated attendee list notification not working correctly with wp-cron
  • Fixed a problem with the license check on multi-sites it was not working any more because of refactoring / filename changes
  • Changed the WP-Users functionality that if it is enabled AND it is an open event, if the user is not recognized it will go right to the create attendee form
  • Added in an option to have a “read receipt” for messages sent via the admin area
  • Added in a pre-fill URL tag for messages

Version 2.4.5 – 9/6/2016

  • Do not escape the characters within the style general option, as they are needed for some CSS selectors
  • Added the ability to allow access to sub-events on import
  • Added the ability to reset attendees information from the manage attendee screen

Version 2.4.4 – 9/4/2016

  • Fixed a small issue where deleting an event was throwing an exception

Version 2.4.3 – 8/31/2016

  • Made a small change to the settings page, on some older setups the new changes would throw a fatal exception

Version 2.4.2 – 8/29/2016

  • Major refactoring in how options are saved and retrieved, moved many of the workings to class_rsvp_pro_event_options.php file
  • Added the option to delete all existing attendees on import for an event

Version 2.4.1 – 8/22/2016

  • Fixed an issue with the sort and sort direction not saving when changing pagination sizes
  • Fixed an issue with limiting the mass email sending functionality based on RSVP status did not work for sub-events

Version 2.4.0 – 8/15/2016

  • Fixed an issue with the open and close RSVP dates that made it not work with any PHP version less than 5.3
  • Fixed an issue with the “From” header in the email notifications was stripping slashes

Version 2.3.9 – 8/11/2016

  • Added the ability to export sub-event information from the parent event

Version 2.3.8 – 8/6/2016

  • Fixed an issue with the wizard form not having the proper options for adding additional attendees
  • Added the event date and RSVP counts for yes, no and no response to the even list
  • Added an option to automatically create a page for an event if no page or post exists

Version 2.3.7 – 7/31/2016

  • More timezone bug fixes, ugh.

Version 2.3.6 – 7/31/2016

  • Fixed an issue with the offsets for timezones when they were positive. It would lead to an error being thrown.

Version 2.3.5 – 7/30/2016

  • Added the ability to set a open and close RSVP time
  • Made it so multiple RSVP events can now be on the same page or post
  • Added the ability to automatically send the attendee list to specified email address when the RSVP close date passes. This option can be found under the notifications tab
  • Lots of refactoring

Version 2.3.4 – 7/30/2016

  • Added in anti-CSRF nonces on the front-end forms

Version 2.3.3 – 7/22/2016

  • Misc. text formatting throughout the admin area
  • Made it so the change in 2.3.0 really worked correctly
  • Added the shortcode [rsvppro-eventlist] which displays all public events on to a page that can be viewed on the front-end

Version 2.3.2 – 7/18/2016

  • Fixed date formatting for the general event start and end dates in the admin area
  • Moved the attendee list change RSVP column to be before custom questions

Version 2.3.1 – 7/15/2016

  • Added the ability to specify a specific date to send a reminder on

Version 2.3.0 – 7/13/2016

  • Modified the text for when a user RSVPes an associated attendee if the response is “No Response” then the attendees name won’t show up in the confirmation “thank you”

Version 2.2.9 – 7/11/2016

  • Fixed an issue with the import where associated attendees would be imported in twice depending on the order of the excel file.

Version 2.2.8 – 7/8/2016

  • Made it so the plugin is PHP7 compatible
  • If open registration is enabled and the option to not edit attendee registration is set the first step with the RSVP form will not be shown
  • Added an option to allow for RSVP status changes to occur from the attendee list functionality

Version 2.2.7 – 7/1/2016

  • Added the option to display the event description on the front-end at the top of the first page

Version 2.2.6 – 6/30/2016

  • Fixed a syntax error in the uninstall script
  • Fixed the same issue as 2.2.5 but with associated attendees

Version 2.2.5 – 6/30/2016

  • Fixed an issue with the export functionality characters with accents would not render correctly with the Mac version of Excel

Version 2.2.4 – 6/28/2016

  • Added the ability to do reminders for main events

Version 2.2.3 – 6/22/2016

  • Fixed some layout issues with the wizard output on different steps there would be additional closing div tags

Version 2.2.2 – 6/21/2016

  • Changed the wizard output to not put newlines after the hidden form fields. Because in certain themes or plugin combinations it led to <br /> tags being added to the output

Version 2.2.1 – 6/17/2016

  • Changed the export and import functionality so they are a closer match making it easier to import an export
  • Fixed a bug where the sort order would not remember the page number
  • Changed it so required custom questions are only required if a person RSVPs with “yes” or “waitlist”

Version 2.2.0 – 6/3/2016

  • Fixed a bug where the event name would not strip the slashes when displaying in the admin area

Version 2.1.9 – 5/31/2016

  • Fixed a bug where the form URL was not being created correctly and would not scroll to the top of the RSVP form

Version 2.1.8 – 5/24/2016

  • Added an option to search for the attendee via email instead of first and last name

Version 2.1.7 – 5/23/2016

  • Fixed a bug in the recurring functionality where in some cases it would get enabled when it shouldn’t be
  • Added the ability to set the page size in the guest list area

Version 2.1.6 – 5/19/2016

  • Forgot to call resize when in wizard mode so modified that JavaScript
  • Fixed an issue related to escaping in custom question answers on the public attendee list
  • Refactored the JavaScript for adding attendees and made it so the form inputs look like the rest of the form elements

Version 2.1.5 – 5/15/2016

  • Made some small changes to the frontend so it would work better with one-page themes and themes that try to load pages dynamically in containers
  • Call resize when adding or removing additional guests. This was done to fix an error with themes that use dynamic containers and can cause it so when adding or removing the additional guests the scroll bar doesn’t behave correctly. Leading to content being chopped off or a lot of empty space.

Version 2.1.4 – 5/13/2016

  • Fixed an issue with the “add additional attendees” area when the greeting text had a line break in it

Version 2.1.3 – 4/28/2016

  • Added in the ability to sort with the passcode on the admin attendee list

Version 2.1.2 – 4/26/2016

  • Fixed an issue with the JavaScript not loading correctly when both the pro and free versions of the plugin were enabled on the same site
  • Added in two hooks for thank you text area, rsvp_pro_thank_you_text and rsvp_pro_no_thank_you_text

Version 2.1.1 – 4/25/2016

  • Added the ability to create reoccurring events

Version 2.1.0 – 4/14/2016

  • Fixed an issue with the open registration when the email field was hidden the attendee would not be added

Version 2.0.9 – 4/13/2016

  • Changed the calendar links to only show if the user has access to the event
  • Added the option to the send message functionality to only send to attendees with a specific RSVP status

Version 2.0.8 – 4/10/2016

  • Made it so the sub-events can have calendar invites
  • Surfaced the event ID on the event list page

Version 2.0.7 – 4/6/2016

  • Added the RSVP Pro icon to the admin side menu
  • Added the ability to specify styling via a RSVP Pro general settings area
  • Added the ability to delete all the tables and data related to the RSVP Pro plugin on uninstall
  • Added the option to copy over attendees when copying an event
  • Removed the checkboxes on the event list as they did not do anything

Version 2.0.6 – 3/22/2016

  • Fixed an issue with custom question types when the custom question types have a different ID than expected
  • Added in an option to specify the text for additional attendee greetings

Version 2.0.5 – 3/10/2016

  • Changed the open date text to match the date format specified in general settings
  • Added the ability to download a calendar ICS file
  • Added in general event information fields to the event settings page

Version 2.0.4 – 3/6/2016

  • Added an option to make the last name not required for look-up or adding an attendee
  • Added a RSVP recap tag to the send message functionality
  • Added an option to the waitlist functionality that once the waitlist is hit there will always be a waitlist after that
  • Added an option to automatically change people status from “waitlist” to “yes” if spots open up for an event
  • Added an option to set the email notification text for when an attendees status was automatically changed from “waitlist” to “yes”

Version 2.0.3 – 2/17/2016

  • Made it so the import process can use an xls, xlsx and csv file format
  • Added the ability to specify a primary guest which would become the automatic selected attendee when multiple matches are found

Version 2.0.2 – 1/25/2016

  • Fixed an issue with the “add attendee” area not using the custom greeting for associated attendees

Version 2.0.1 – 1/21/2016

  • Changed the send message textarea to the WordPress editor to make it easier for generating the body of the email
  • Made it so disabled fuzzy search worked correctly for user searching
  • Fixed a bug with adding additional attendees and the yes or no text had quotes in it, it would cause a JavaScript error
  • Added an option to do partial matches on first and last name instead of fuzzy matching

Version 2.0.0 – 11/11/2015

  • Made it so the “no” custom message shows up for new attendees

Version 1.9.9 – 11/10/2015

  • Made it so the custom thank you shows up for new attendees
  • Added in an option to hide the RSVP status on the public attendee list
  • Added in an option to show custom questions on the public attendee list
  • Added an option to change the welcome back text
  • Added an option to change the “unable to find” user text

Version 1.9.8 – 10/27/2015

  • Small change to make sure all rsvp yes/no questions used the customizable text

Version 1.9.7 – 10/15/2015

  • Added in the rsvpRadioCustomQ CSS class for custom questions that are radio buttons
  • Added an option to change the suffix label on the front-end
  • Added an option to change the salutation label on the front-end
  • Added an option to change the email label on the front-end
  • Added an option to change the associated attendee greetings
  • Made it so the labels when adding an additional guest matches customized label options
  • Added in a general text area for pieces of text like: yes, no, first name, etc…
  • Added in options for if a direct match was not found but similar people were

Version 1.9.6 – 10/13/2015

  • Fixed a warning that occurs for custom text for the “add additional” people message
  • Added a German translation of the plugin compliments of Wilhelm!

Version 1.9.5 – 10/8/2015

  • Changed the email notifications to make sure people have access to the main event when the confirmation email goes out
  • Small translation fixes and an updated pot

Version 1.9.4 – 10/6/2015

  • Fixed a bug where associated attendees were not showing the correct results in the wizard form
  • Fixed a bug where the associated attendees were not showing correctly for sub-events when the main event was select
  • Fixed a bug where the sub-event was not recording the rsvp date
  • Added an the ability to see all of the attendees regardless of the main events permission setting
  • Fixed a small bug related to edit the prompt when a main event has no attendees who have RSVP’d but the attendee has RSVP’d for a sub-event

Version 1.9.3 – 10/5/2015

  • Fixed an issue with the wizard always showing the veggie and kids meal questions
  • Made the RSVP date sortable on the attendee list
  • Made the RSVP┬ástatus counts work correctly with select events
  • If an attendee can’t invite any more people the “invite more” area is not displayed

Version 1.9.2 – 10/4/2015

  • Added the event name to all admin screens so it is easier to remember what event you are working on
  • Added event name as a tag for the mass email feature
  • Added the ability to copy an event
  • Cleaned up the admin settings area so it is easier to use
  • Added the ability to change all of the text for the greeting page
  • Added the ability to change the edit confirmation prompt

Version 1.9.1 – 10/1/2015

  • Removed the default children and vegetarian meal questions as custom questions can be used for this
  • Fixed a bug in the multiple step form not saving multiple choice questions correctly

Version 1.9.0 – 9/29/2015

  • Small bug fix for multiple choice questions, there was a warning when you save them if no items were checked

Version 1.8.9 – 9/28/2015

  • Changed the event settings form so that only the general tab was displayed when creating an event
  • Fixed a bug in the multi-step form where the Yes/No verbiage would not show up on sub-events

Version 1.8.8 – 9/26/2015

  • Changed the check for sending out attendee notification checks, it no longer requires the email input to exist on the form

Version 1.8.7 – 9/25/2015

  • Some small text changes for the attendee notification emails

Version 1.8.6 – 9/24/2015

  • Surfaced the id on the custom questions admin listing
  • Removed the option to disable using the specified notification email as a from address
  • Moved all email settings to the notifications tab
  • Added an option to specify a custom from email address for notifications
  • Added an option specify a subject for the attendee email confirmations that are sent out
  • Added an option to CC all associated attendees with the RSVP confirmation
  • Added an option to BCC a specified set of email addresses
  • Changed the custom questions to show up under each sub-event
  • Changed the email notification to attendees so it uses the yes/no verbiage set in settings
  • Added in the main event name to the event confirmation email sent to attendees

Version 1.8.5 – 9/21/2015

  • Changed the setting role limiting to not effect administrators

Version 1.8.4 – 9/18/2015

  • Changed the plugin so if you network activate the plugin and have a multi-site license the license code is valid for the whole network
  • Added in an option to specify the roles that could access the configuration areas like settings, import, export, etc…

Version 1.8.3 – 9/15/2015

  • Made it so the “add additional button” text can be customized
  • Made it so the “Need to modify your registration? Start with the below form.” text can be customized
  • Hid the veggie and kids meal top counts when those options are hidden

Version 1.8.2 – 9/10/2015

  • Changed the “add additional button” to be a button instead of an image that could not be styled or changed

Version 1.8.1 – 9/9/2015

  • Fixed an issue where associated users could not be deassociated when you went to the associated record, you could only deassociate from the attendee record that you associated with.
  • Fixed an issue with a missing closing tag that caused layout issues

Version 1.8.0 – 9/9/2015

  • Pointed the plug-in to the new site

Version 1.7.9 – 8/27/2015

  • Added in an alternative first name field to handle when people use different first names

Version 1.7.8 – 8/25/2015

  • Added in the option to auto-login WP users if their email address is found in an attendee list

Version 1.7.7 – 8/15/2015

  • Added in the ability to specify the sort order for the public attendee list

Version 1.7.6 – 8/14/2015

  • Added the ability to set a possible answer as default for custom questions

Version 1.7.5 – 8/9/2015

  • Added in an option for the public guest list to only show people with a specific rsvp reply

Version 1.7.4 – 7/28/2015

  • Made it so the RSVP question verbiage option is displayed for sub-events

Version 1.7.3 – 7/14/2015

  • Changed the attendee list so it is sorted by the first name
  • Added soundex for fuzzy search for last names and first names

Version 1.7.2 – 7/2/2015

  • Fixed an issue with the options of hiding the children’s and vegetarian options were not working on sub-events when the events were in “wizard” mode

Version 1.7.1 – 6/30/2015

  • Changed the export to have the first and last name in different columns

Version 1.7.0 – 6/29/2015

  • Added the waitlist option to go along with the max event cap

Version 1.6.9 – 6/26/2015

  • Added in an option to modify the open and close date messages

Version 1.6.8 – 6/25/2015

  • Added code to change newlines to breaks in the mass email to go along with the HTML formatting change

Version 1.6.6 – 6/25/2015

  • Made the mass email send as html to be the same as the notification front-end emails

Version 1.6.5 – 6/24/2015

  • Added a change to the mass email functionality. That is magic quotes are enabled we strip the slashes before sending the email.
  • Hid the email field on the attendee list
  • Surfaced the RSVP date on the attendee list
  • Added the ability to set a max attendee limit on events

Version 1.6.4 – 6/18/2015

  • Added an anchor name for the attendee list (rsvpAttendees)
  • Fixed an issue with the import process not handling unicode characters when trying to associate attendees

Version 1.6.3 – 6/15/2015

  • Added the ability to send custom question values in the mass email feature

Version 1.6.2 – 6/10/2015

  • Fixed a bug where the custom welcome was not showing up when someone wanted to add a new attendee
  • Fixed a bug where the “do not scroll” option was not being correctly toggled
  • Added the option to change the text for the RSVP button
  • Added the option to change the text for the Next button (affects wizard mode only)
  • Changed the email notifications to send in HTML
  • Changed the email notifications to not include read only custom questions

Version 1.6.1 – 6/9/2015

  • Added the option to customize the text for the “New Attendee Registration” button

Version 1.6.0 – 5/31/2015

  • Added the following fields to the import functionality: RSVP status, number of guests allowed, veggie meal, children’s meal and note
  • Made it so the first and last name fields are required for new attendees

Version 1.5.9 – 5/24/2015

  • Small fix to handle url parsing better

Version 1.5.8 – 5/18/2015

  • Small fix to correct the problem of additional attendees having slashes in front of apostrophes on the front-end

Version 1.5.7 – 5/14/2015

  • Added in a change to prevent the RSVP code from running multiple times when plugins or other themes try to force multiple runs

Version 1.5.6 – 5/12/2015

  • Made it so when duplicate names are found a screen is displayed giving the users a choice

Version 1.5.5 – 5/6/2015

  • Fixed a bug where the text customization for the guest count wasn’t parsing the %d like the stock text is

Version 1.5.4 – 5/6/2015

  • Added back in bulk actions for sub-events so people can easily delete and mass message for sub-events

Version 1.5.3 – 5/4/2015

  • Fixed a small bug in the wizard where if a user did not have a record it would not return the user correctly
  • Fixed another small bug in the wizard when a user has access to no events

Version 1.5.2 – 5/2/2015

  • Added the ability to add in variables to the mass email functionality
  • Added two new question types hidden and read only

Version 1.5.1 – 4/29/2015

  • Fixed some problems around having access to the main event or not. It would lead to information not always being saved correctly.

Version 1.5.0 – 4/28/2015

  • Added an additional CSS class to help with more customization

Version 1.4.9 – 4/27/2015

  • Added some extra CSS classes in and updated the guidelines for it

Version 1.4.8 – 4/24/2015

  • Fixed a bug where if a user has an answer related to a question they no longer have an access to it gets cleared when the user RSVPs

Version 1.4.7 – 4/20/2015

  • Query fix for sub-events and pulling attendee information

Version 1.4.6 – 4/20/2015

  • Typo fix that surfaced from 1.4.5 around the wizard UI

Version 1.4.5 – 4/20/2015

  • Fixed a bug where the associated attendees would show all associated attendees and not just the ones who have access to the event
  • Added in a message of “Will X be attending” for the main attendee for the wizard form

Version 1.4.4 – 4/20/2015

  • Fixed a bug related to adding additional attendees, depending on the situation the count would be incorrect when saving not allowing all attendees to be saved.
  • Changed the default text around adding attendees to show the number left
  • Changed the adding of additional attendees to auto-associate them with events if the person adding them had access
  • Changed the add attendees functionality in the wizard to match closer with the wizard

Version 1.4.3 – 4/16/2015

  • Made some changes to speed up exports for large attendees
  • Added in some database table indexes to also help speed up the plugin
  • Added the option to switch the UI to have a wizard format instead of all the questions on one long form

Version 1.4.2 – 4/10/2015

  • Added an option to make the RSVP fields (yes/no/no response) required
  • Added an option to make it so the open registration functionality doesn’t require a passcode
  • Fixed a small bug with events when the event_access field was null and it would not show the attendee list in the admin page

Version 1.4.1 – 4/8/2015

  • Added the ability to make the email field required
  • Small bug fix from the 1.4.0 release that made it not work for all versions of PHP

Version 1.4.0 – 4/8/2015

  • Added the ability to set access to sub-events so only a limited set of attendees can access sub-events

Version 1.3.9 – 4/3/2015

  • Fixed a bug where importing in with custom questions would yield duplicate answers
  • Changed the add attendee front-end button so it would not pre-populate values based on the main attendee

Version 1.3.8 – 3/29/2015

  • Added in the ability to have “No Response” for associated attendees

Version 1.3.7 – 3/28/2015

  • Changed the default short codes to be the actual short code ‘rsvppro’
  • Added rsvpDate to the export and attendee list areas
  • Added in search to the attendee list page
  • Added in pagination to the attendee list page

Version 1.3.6 – 3/23/2015

  • Added the ability to change the size of the passcode
  • Moved email and fields around for main questions to make the fields a little more usable
  • Changed the import duplication checking to include the email or passcode
  • Made it so you can import custom question values

Version 1.3.5 – 3/11/2015

  • Fixed a bug when adding a custom question answer and the value was zero

Version 1.3.4 – 3/8/2015

  • Fixed a small layout bug in the settings area that occurred with 1.3.3

Version 1.3.3 – 3/5/2015

  • Added the ability to specify a suffix and salutation
  • Changed how the additional RSVPs are calculated. It is now based off the # of allowed additional attendees – # of associated attendees.

Version 1.3.2 – 2/19/2015

  • Added the ability to make custom questions required
  • Added the ability to specify different text if the person says “no” when RSVP’ing

Version 1.3.1 – 2/13/2015

  • Added the ability to have a public facing attendees list

Version 1.3.0 – 2/7/2015

  • Added an option to turn off the smart searching when a user is not found on the front-end
  • Added the ability to have sub-events so people can RSVP for multiple events at once

Version 1.2.9 – 2/3/2015

  • Fixed a small bug that happens in the JavaScript when you have a custom question that has a pipe (|) in it
  • Added some more front-end styling to deal with themes making the RSVP form unusable in some cases

Version 1.2.8 – 1/24/2015

  • Made it easier to select attendees for associated attendees and private questions
  • Added in a confirmation prompt when deleting an event

Version 1.2.7 – 1/22/2015

  • Set some default styling for the front-end forms, this is to prevent themes from hiding form elements that should be displayed
  • Made it so you can pass in the passcode in the querystring when the passcode only option is enabled
  • Fixed a bug that was causing imports to not always work especially after the first or second try

Version 1.2.6 – 1/17/2015

  • Added the email to the export file
  • Added in different not found text when the passcode only option is enabled

Version 1.2.5 – 1/16/2015

  • Made it so admins can edit all attendees information

Version 1.2.4 – 1/14/2015

  • Changed how group and single questions were being displayed so the sorting would work as expected.
  • Fixed a bug where all custom questions where showing up in all of the attendee grid
  • Hid the personal greeting column in the manage attendees section
  • Added in the option to specify number of additional guests per attendee, you can find this on the attendee form

Version 1.2.3 – 1/12/2015

  • Fixed a typo in the import form text that did not specify the import file format correctly (it was missing the email field from the format)
  • Fixed a bug with private questions in the import functionality

Version 1.2.2 – 1/10/2015

  • Fixed a bug where the email text wasn’t saving in the options area

Version 1.2.1 – 1/7/2015

  • Fixed a bug with the custom question sort order not saving

Version 1.2.0 – 1/7/2015

  • Fixed a bug with the email notifications including questions from all events
  • Cleaned up the UI on the RSVP settings page
  • Added an option so people can’t edit their RSVP after it has been submitted
  • Added the passcode to the emails that get sent out when people RSVP
  • Added in a from email address when sending a message to attendees

Version 1.1.9 – 1/3/2015

  • Fixed a problem with slashes being added to apostrophes
  • Made it so updates can be polled to make it easier to update the plugin
  • Sync’d up all of the email notifications so custom questions and answers are sent
  • Changed the “edit” link in the admin area to “settings”
  • Ability to send messages to all or selected attendees

Version 1.1.8 – 12/19/2014

  • Changed the shortcode to rsvp-pro-pluginhere so it didn’t conflict with the free version
  • Misc bug-fixes

Version 1.1.7 – 12/18/2014

  • Changed menu name to RSVP Pro
  • Added in the ability to migrate from RSVP free
  • Renamed the custom questions table to be RSVP pro specific

Version 1.1.6 – 12/10/2014

  • Bug fixes with database initialization

Version 1.1.5 – 11/26/2014

  • Added in the rsvppro short code, required attribute is “id”, it should look something like [rsvppro id=”1″]
  • Added the ability to skip the first step if the querystring parameters existed for the form values.

Version 1.1 – 10/29/2014

  • Added the ability to have questions to be asked only once for the whole group of associated attendees
  • Misc bug fixes

Version 1.0 – 10/15/2014

  • Initial release. Includes everything that the free version has PLUS the ability to have multiple events.

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