Pre-Fill URL Parameters

The free and professional versions of the RSVP plugin can pre-fill the attendee information based on values passed in via the URL. This functionality is useful when sending out emails to attendees so they can more easily RSVP for your event.


It is assumed that the RSVP event has already been set up and there is a publicly accessible page that holds the RSVP event form. If that hasn’t been done, please go setup an event either using the free or professional instructions.

To use the pre-fill values, the different URL parameters will need to be added to the URL. As an example say, the page that has the RSVP form on it is The URL parameters for a first and last name might look like when an attendee clicks on this page the RSVP plugin will attempt to find the attendee based on the “firstName” and “lastName” parameters.

Both the free and professional versions of the RSVP plugin have the pre-fill capability. Below are the variables available for both of the plugins and the ones available only to the professional versions.

URL Parameters in Free and Professional Versions

  • firstName – For the person’s first name
  • lastName – For the person’s last name
  • passcode – If a passcode is enabled and/or required this will need to be added as well

Additional URL Parameters available in the Professional Version

  • email – If email lookup is enabled this can be used to find an attendee
  • rsvpStatus – Auto-fills the RSVP answer for the primary attendee allowed values Yes, No, Maybe, Waitlist
  • autoRsvp – Automatically RSVPs, the person for the status in the rsvpStatus parameter or the default for the event. Allowed value Y

If there are any additional questions and concerns, please contact us.

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